As a child in the 1980's, I began every Saturday morning eating syrupy pancakes and watching my favorite cartoons - He-Man, GI Joe, Smurfs, etc. These along with my colorful bedroom of green shag carpet and orange plaid walls continue to inspire me. That spirit of fantasy and wild ideas helped give me a desire for curiosity which I use to tackle design problems today.
My background is in fashion design, working in the apparel industry and currently teaching fashion design at a southern university. Recently I decided to continue my education and work towards transitioning to a UX/UI designer. I enjoy being a creative problem solver and developing unique experiences for users.
My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic and a desire to help others. These principles, along with my almost 15 years of teaching, influence my wish to help others solve problems and discover new information in a genuine, transparent, and friendly experience.

Thank you!
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